About Us

Public Affairs Support Services, Inc. (PASS) was established in 1984 to help public affairs executives manage the countless tasks associated with campaign finance activities. Now, almost three decades later, PASS is still the PAC management and PAC compliance service for organizations that are serious about campaign finance compliance.

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Knowledgeable Staff

The PASS team is comprised of former Federal Election Committee analysts, corporate PAC managers, and Capitol Hill staff who assist clients with PAC administration, PAC reporting, and PAC management. Because all PACs operate differently, PASS tailors its services to meet each client’s unique needs.

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Customized Software

PASS developed and continually enhances its own proprietary PAC software. PASS’ team of certified IT professionals is responsible for maintaining our PAC software product and programming upgrades to meet expanding client needs.

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Outstanding Service

Since the company was founded, our client list has grown to include over 165 corporations, associations, labor unions, partnerships, and non-connected PACs. No matter how much we grow, PASS will continue its commitment to maintaining the same superior level of service and quality product.

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PASS is the only firm we identified that could provide all tracking and processing services. We did not have the staff expertise to ensure compliance, and budget limitations precluded us from hiring a full-time PAC manager. IACP sees a real advantage in contracting out this function.

Association Client

They are specialized. They’re aware of the laws and have better access to information than our department does. I feel like this (PASS) is an excellent safety net.

Administrative AssistantStrategic Operations

They never surprise me at the last minute. They’re very down to earth. It is certainly easier than working a computer program. A lot of their people are from the FEC—very reliable, very prompt. No one there has a negative attitude.

Government Affairs Administrator

PASS provides good, responsive service for a reasonable price.

Regional Insurance Company

We like knowing that someone is watching all the rules. PASS is very customer service oriented. We’re a small operation, and when we first met with the staff, they presented the full gamut of their services so that we knew what they could provide.

Senior Analyst