“We were in trouble administratively. We didn’t have an educated staff and PASS brought us that expertise. They do everything I need them to do well. I sleep at night. When they tell me they’re going to do something, they do it. That’s the bottom line.”
National PAC
“They are specialized. They’re aware of the laws and have better access to information than our department does. I feel like this (PASS) is an excellent safety net.”
Administrative Assistant, Strategic Operations
“I give PASS an A-plus. Our treasurer was overwhelmed with all the paperwork. They were very good at helping us streamline our processes and lowering the amount of reporting. They respond very quickly. They know this is important to the client.”
Corporate PAC Manager
“The straw that broke the camel’s back was when our old software failed us. We paid $7,000 in penalties—and that was in just one month! There weren’t enough of us to handle our many PACs. Then on top of this, along came the 527 rule. It’s not getting any better. We are serious about our reputation and PASS will ensure this.”
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
“We have a small office. If we did it ourselves, we’d be inclined to make mistakes. They meet all of our needs. I’m not going to have to do anything anymore, not even sign reports because we went with electronic filing.”
Executive Assistant
“Strong customer service throughout the PASS staff; dependable; fills in very nicely for each other; strong collegiality.”
Energy Client
“It’s their experience that they bring to the table. We have no one in house that could dedicate the resources like they can. That’s why we keep them vs. bringing it in house.”
Corporate PAC Manager
“Reliability; ongoing relationship; PASS is keeping up on day-to-day responsibilities and it’s working well.”
Financial Services Client
“They never surprise me at the last minute. They’re very down to earth. It is certainly easier than working a computer program. A lot of their people are from the FEC—very reliable, very prompt. No one there has a negative attitude.”
Government Affairs Administrator
“They do everything I need them to do. They complete my reports on a timely basis. They give me internal management reports when I want them. And they answer their phone. In this day of voicemail and phone tag, this is really great.”
Vice President, Government Relations
PASS is the only firm we identified that could provide all tracking and processing services. We did not have the staff expertise to ensure compliance, and budget limitations precluded us from hiring a full-time PAC manager. IACP sees a real advantage in contracting out this function.

PAC Manager Association

Association Client
BSA did not have the internal ‘bandwidth’ (staff expertise) required so we looked externally for a PAC management firm. We interviewed a couple vendors, but liked the personal touch that PASS offered. No question is too mundane for the staff and I’m able to obtain quick responses. PASS is a good value for the cost and perfect for BSA’s needs. They provide a flexible approach and tailor their services to the needs of their customers.

VP Government Affairs Software Association

Software Association Client
PASS provides good, responsive service for a reasonable price.
Regional Insurance Company
“We like knowing that someone is watching all the rules. PASS is very customer service oriented. We’re a small operation, and when we first met with the staff, they presented the full gamut of their services so that we knew what they could provide.”
Senior Analyst
“Value-added; cost-effective”
Insurance Client