Team of PAC Experts

The administrative tasks associated with managing a political action committee (PAC) are tedious and time consuming. Attention to detail is key. The cost of not attending to the details of your PAC’s receipts and disbursements can be steep as errors in data will result in incorrect compliance reporting and possible fines. Keeping track of filing requirements is equally as important as tracking receipts and disbursements as missed reports will result in fines.

Do you find yourself wishing you had someone to help you shoulder the administrative burden of your PAC so you could focus on fundraising and keeping your existing PAC members happy? Someone you could call on to ask questions when you are unsure of the answers? PASS’ team of PAC experts acts as an extension of your PAC team. Our customer-focused service will provide you with the extra help and peace-of-mind you need to run a top-notch PAC.

PASS offers a dedicated Receipts Analyst, Compliance Manager, Senior Compliance Manager, and the PASS IT Team to work with you on all facets of administering your PAC including PAC compliance and utilizing our proprietary software. Our team of PAC experts has the experience and customer focus you need to feel confident you and your PAC are being taken care of on a daily basis and not just when you call to ask questions.

Whether you are only filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) or filing with the FEC and in multiple states, the PASS team works with you to keep your PAC records up to date, your PAC compliant, and makes sure all of your compliance reports are filing accurately and on time. The PASS team consists of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field of PAC compliance.

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Your Receipts Analyst will:

  • Process Payroll Deduction files
  • Enter Personal Check Contributions
  • Prepare bank deposits
  • Take deposits to the bank
  • Process and enter credit card contributions
  • Audit all receipt information for accuracy
  • Verify receipts against the monthly bank statement
  • Work with your Payroll/Accounts Receivable department to address any receipt discrepancies

Your Compliance Manager will:

  • Conduct a compliance review for PAC disbursement checks to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws
  • Conduct a compliance review for non-PAC disbursement checks
  • Conduct a compliance review for corporate campaign contributions
  • Consult with the PAC on state-by-state requirements for making non-federal disbursements
  • Prepare PAC disbursement checks and forward to the PAC Director or send directly to the campaign
  • Prepare cover letters to go with each disbursement check
  • Reconcile the PAC bank account on a monthly basis
  • Prepare monthly financial reports for the PAC bank account
  • Keep track of all of your compliance report filing requirements
  • Provide you with a monthly schedule of all compliance reports due
  • Prepare the FEC report according to the filing schedule you selected
  • Prepare state and local compliance reports according to filing requirements in that jurisdiction
  • Respond to inquiries from the FEC and state and local campaign finance agencies
  • Prepare thank you letters to PAC members
  • Train new personnel assigned to assist with PAC activities
  • Coordinate affiliated PAC activities and incorporate into the disbursement review process
  • Track G-37 employees for financial institutions
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Budget sheet

Your Senior Compliance Manager will:

  • Provide a second review of disbursements
  • Review all compliance reports before sending to you for review
  • Review all bank reconciliations and financial reports before sending
  • Support the Compliance Manager and Clients
  • Facilitate PAC Compliance audits with internal or external auditors

The PASS IT Team will:

  • Assist with updates to PASS’ software system, epacInfo
  • Build custom receipt and disbursement reports for epacInfo
  • Build a PAC website that allows members to sign up for the PAC on-line

Even though PASS is handling the PAC administration you never lose control of the process or access to your data. Your Compliance Manager stays in contact with you and is available as a resource if you have questions. When you just need to know your bank account balance or see a contributors information or how much you gave to a candidate, there is epacInfo. PASS developed this proprietary PAC software to give you 24/7 access to your PAC information and allow you to analyze your PAC data.

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epacInfo contains:

  • Bank Account Balance
  • Banking Transactions
  • Receipt Management Reports
  • Disbursement Management Reports
  • Budget Reports
  • Custom Management Reports

PASS’ PAC administrative services and PAC software allow you to focus on raising PAC money, retaining your existing members, and formulating an expenditure plan while PASS handles the day to day administrative tasks and ensures your PAC stays 100% compliant.