PAC-Matching-Services_0A corporation with an established Political Action Committee and PAC Charity Match program contacted PASS for a proposal to assist with PAC match program administration. Their current PAC match service was slow to respond and even slower to distribute the PAC match checks to charities. In addition, the current vendor could not provide timely bank account information including information on cleared checks so the PAC manager could provide that information to PAC members. After talking with PASS, Company P decided to contract with PASS and have PASS act as the PAC match program administrator. They also contracted for PASS to develop a PAC and PAC match website. That way, their PAC members could enroll in the PAC and the PAC match program on-line, check on their charity selection and make changes to their charity selection. When selecting a charity on-line the PAC members could search a database of over a million charities to find the one they wanted. PASS was able to accommodate Company P’s request to allow President’s club members to choose up to five charities while all other PAC members could choose up to three charities. When it came time for the first annual payout, PASS processed the payout and had charity checks in the mail by February 15 instead of April 30 which is the date they were sent the previous year. The PAC Manager was able to pick up the phone and call PASS’ Charity Match Coordinator with questions about charity checks so the PAC Manager could respond to PAC member questions. PAC members could go on-line at any time to change their charity selection and check on the status of the current payout. PASS was able to offer a more timely payout while giving the PAC manager and PAC members more control over their information and saving everyone time.