A corporation wanted to start a PAC but did not know where to begin. So, they called PASS. Their PASS Compliance Manager was able to walk them through the process of starting a PAC and gave them a detailed list with the information needed to draft their FEC Statement of Organization (Form 1). PASS prepared the FEC Form 1, the company reviewed the Form 1 and PASS assisted with the filing. PASS also helped the company open the PAC bank account, obtain a tax ID number for the PAC, and establish a PAC fundraising plan. PASS also assisted with their PAC fundraising by sharing industry best practices, reviewing PAC solicitation materials, and putting together a communications strategy for announcing the PAC. PASS also provided the PAC manager with the tools to track and report on their PAC solicitation. With real-time PAC enrollment information at their fingertips, the company’s PAC manager had current status reports available at a moment’s notice. The company’s PAC is flourishing with new PAC members. Now, the PAC Manager has the time to take care of all of the PAC members and answer non-member questions because their PASS Compliance Manager is handling all of the daily PAC administrative and PAC compliance tasks.