PAC-Federal-ComplianceA corporation with an established Political Action Committee giving to federal and state candidates contacted PASS for a proposal for PAC compliance services. They “knew enough to know what they did not know” and they knew they needed help with their non-federal campaign finance law compliance. They had been giving to non-federal candidates in Michigan and Florida without having registered the PAC in either state. They were using the federal PAC to make contributions to non-federal candidates in Florida. However, the federal PAC was collecting more than $500 a year from some donors which violated a Florida campaign finance law that a PAC cannot collect more than $500 per year from a single individual if the PAC is being used to give to candidates running for state-wide office. In addition, the PAC was not requiring yearly reaffirmations from donors which is a requirement when using a federal PAC to give to candidates running for state-wide office in Michigan. Thankfully this company called PASS for help and PASS prepared the necessary registration form for Michigan and assisted the company with creating a separate Florida state PAC. PASS now assists the company with PAC management on a full-time basis and reviews all contributions for compliance prior to the checks being written to make sure the PAC is properly registered and is complying with all other state campaign finance laws. All PAC reports are filed accurately and on-time, and the company’s PAC administrator just picks up the phone and calls their PASS Compliance Manager when they have a PAC question.