PAC-Website-DevevelopmentA corporation with a relatively young and small federal PAC contracted with PASS for PAC administration and FEC reporting. After about six months as a PASS client they asked for help with increasing PAC participation. The PASS team suggested building a PAC website with a communications strategy to drive potential PAC members to the website. The PAC website was branded with the PAC logo and political images. The site was only open to PAC eligible employees who were able to access the site after logging into the company’s intranet. The PASS IT team worked with the company’s IT team to implement this single-sign-on feature. Once PAC eligibles were granted access to the site they could read about PACs in general and the company’s PAC in particular. The PAC website also contained information on issues being debated in Washington DC that could impact the company and provided information on how PAC members could contact their member of Congress to express their views on legislative issues. The PAC website allowed eligible employees to enroll in the PAC and the on-line enrollment card matched the paper enrollment card currently being used by the company. After enrolling in the PAC the employee received a confirmation email with the details of their enrollment. Then their enrollment information was sent to the company’s Payroll department to begin taking payroll deductions. After the launch of the PAC website and numerous communications and events related to the PAC and the website, this company PAC tripled in size. The PAC now solicits employees one time each year and the website is always available for employees to visit for information about issues, to contact their representatives in Washington, to see photos of PAC events, and to read the PAC newsletter.