Going Beyond PAC Software


PAC administration can be tedious and time consuming. Not only that but errors in data can result in incorrect compliance filings and possible missed reports…Read More »

PAC Reporting

If you have a Federal PAC or State PAC then you have probably filed a PAC compliance report because all Federal and most State PACs have to file periodic PAC…Read More »

Campaign Finance Compliance

PASS provides FEC reporting and state campaign finance compliance reporting including tracking filing obligations and reporting requirements as well as preparing…Read More »

Charity Match Administration

Want to offer Charity Matching but don’t have the staff to administer the program?Read More »

Web Design

Looking for an efficient and effective way to raise PAC money? A PASS designed and hosted PAC website may be just the tool you need.Read More »

Member Engagement

PASS offers grassroots services allowing organizations to combine their PAC database with their employee or member database to reach a wider audience for issues…Read More »