Trying to get a handle on your PAC data? Do you find yourself manually manipulating a spreadsheet to try to get a PAC management report to your boss or a PAC member in a hurry? If you keep and edit spreadsheets to report on your PAC activity there is no need to waste your valuable time.

PASS’ on-line PAC reporting function delivers the PAC reporting information you need in an easy to read format. And, with over 200 PAC management reports available on epacInfo you are sure to find multiple PAC reports to help you more efficiently and effectively detail your PAC activity. PAC data is updated in real time so you will always have the most up-to-date PAC information about your PAC and reports are available at your fingertips with a mouse-click or two.

PAC reports available on-line 24 hours a day/7days a week include:

  • Disbursements to Candidates and Committees
  • Disbursements by party, election, chamber and more
  • Receipts from members
  • New enrollments
  • Budget Reports

These are just a few of the PAC reports currently available on PASS’ ePACinfo. You can utilize this powerful PAC reporting tool in any number of ways for more effective PAC management.