Offering a PAC match program can go a long way in helping you meet your fundraising goals. PASS can help you manage your program with our complete range of PAC Match Administrative Services. PASS’ services encompass everything from vetting charities to managing payments and financial reporting for your PAC match program. PASS’ services offer the wide-ranging support and customer service that a PAC match program requires.

Offering a charitable or other incentive match to employees participating in your PAC is a potent fundraising tool. PAC match programs are a popular PAC member benefit because employees value being able to support the PAC and at the same time provide their charities with support.

As a valuable benefit, PAC Match programs typically have a high percentage of participation making program administration labor intensive. Employee charity selections must be tracked and updated, charities must be vetted to ensure they are 501(c)(3) organizations, PAC contributions must be tracked, checks need to be written and distributed, and charities and PAC members have questions that need to be answered. The administration of a PAC Match program is demanding of even the best-staffed organizations.

PASS is here to help in every way we can, customizing our services to meet your particular needs. We offer the following PAC Match Administrative Services:

Reviewing Charities

  • Whether your PAC will match to any 501(c)(3) organization or a select, predesignated few, PASS will review each charity to ensure its 501(c)(3) designation is current with the IRS.
  • PASS will also review charities selected by employees to ensure they meet your PAC’s giving criteria.
  • PASS will confirm an employee’s designated charity is within your PAC or organization’s list of allowable organizations.


Tracking employee contributions

PASS will track employee contributions to your PAC and calculate PAC Match amounts based on your PAC charity match criteria.

  • Whether your incentive match is $1 for $1, $0.50 for $1, or you match only after a pre-determined threshold is met ($100, for example), PASS will provide you with a comprehensive list of all contributors, their PAC Match charities, and check amounts.


Depending on your needs, PASS will provide full or partial banking services customized for your unique PAC Match program.

  • PASS can open and maintain a trust account on your organization’s behalf or use a corporate checking account.
  • Your organization will fund the account, and PASS will reconcile the account on a monthly basis, providing regular financial reports.
  • PASS will work with you to determine banking procedures for things like canceled/voided checks and funding requests.
  • Positive pay arrangements can be made with the bank if your organization requires it.
  • PASS can also work with checks printed by your Accounts Payable department.

Preparing PAC Match checks

  • With your approval, PASS will prepare PAC Match checks on a schedule defined by you.
  • PASS will draft personalized cover letters to accompany the charity match checks.
  • PASS will prepare emails/letters so employees will know their PAC match contributions have been sent.
  • Management Reports

    • PASS will provide a monthly bank reconciliation report for the Trust account.
    • Other PAC Match program reports such as a roster of employees with their designated charities, PAC contributions, charity contributions, and a summary of total funds contributed to each charity can be obtained from PASS’ CharityMatchManager.