The FEC requires that a PAC offering a charitable match allow contributions to go to organizations currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Services as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Other than that, you can craft a political action committee charity match program that meets your organization’s personality and your budgeting needs.

Consider the following when building your PAC Match program:

Charity Selection

  • Allow employees to give to any current 501(c)(3) organization(s) of their choosing.
  • Allow employees to give only to a pre-approved list of company-designated charities

Matching Ratio

  • Match 100% $1 for every $1 contributed to the PAC from the first $1 contributed to the PAC
  • Match $.50 for every $1 contributed to the PAC.
  • Match after a threshold is met – eligible for the program after the first $100 (or other amount) has been contributed to the PAC

PAC Charity Match Banking

  • Allow the PAC charity match administrator to open a PAC charity match bank account and hold that account in trust for the organization. The account is funded by the organization and funds are distributed by the PAC charity match administrator.
  • PAC charity match administrator will reconcile the bank account on a monthly basis and provide financial reports to the organization.
  • Determine banking procedures such as cancelled or voided checks and reissue of charity checks.

Preparing PAC charity match checks to charities/Payout Schedule

  • Prepare PAC charity match checks on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis
  • Prepare cover letters to accompany the checks that identify the donor/requestor or send donations anonymously
  • Prepare e-mails or letters to employees advising them that their PAC charity match check has been sent

Program in Review

  • Provide detailed lists of employees with designated charities, PAC contribution amounts, and contributions to the charity for PAC Board or other PAC administrative meetings.

PASS provides full-service PAC charity match administration and PASS accommodates your individual program strategy. PASS’ charity database and PAC match enrollment websites are built to meet the unique needs of your PAC match program.