If you have a Federal PAC or State PAC then you have probably filed a PAC compliance report because all Federal and most State PACs have to file periodic PAC compliance reports outlining their PAC activity for a specified period in time. PASS’ PAC reporting services take the worry out of PAC compliance reporting because a PASS Compliance Manager reviews PAC activity to determine which PAC reports must be filed. PASS’ proprietary Report Schedule Manager keeps track of both required and triggered PAC reports so you never miss a report. PAC Reporting Services
  • Preparation and filing of new or amended FEC Statements of Organization including Notification of Multicandidate Status
  • Preparation and filing of new State PAC required Registration Statements
  • Preparation and filing of all required FEC reports
  • Preparation and filing of all required State PAC reports
  • Maintenance of all Federal and State PAC receipt and disbursement data
  • Tracking changes to Federal and State campaign finance laws
Whether your PAC is giving to Federal candidates only or registered in one or many states, PASS will take the burden of tracking, preparing, and filing campaign finance reports from you. Even though a PASS Compliance Manager prepares and files your PAC compliance reports you still have a chance to review all of the reported information before the PAC report is filed.

State and Federal PAC Compliance Reporting