Some states still allow for the use of an organization’s treasury funds to make contributions to non-federal candidates in the state. Depending on the state, you may have to file periodic reports of those contributions. State reporting schedules are specific to the state and the complexity of reporting forms varies by state. PASS’ team of Compliance Managers will help you navigate the complex waters of state campaign finance. We will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision before you begin giving to non-federal candidates. After you contribute to non-federal candidates, your PASS Compliance Manager will review your contributions to make sure they are compliant with individual state rules and regulations. PASS’ epacInfo system keeps track of your contributions requests and can route them to one or many individuals in an organization for approval. Once approved, your Accounts Payable department can write checks using epacManager keeping all of your campaign finance information in one place. Your Compliance Manager will also keep track of all of your reporting obligations. They will send you a monthly reporting schedule so you are aware of upcoming reports, and they will prepare reports prior to the due date and send them to you for your review before filing them with the state and/or local election agency. All disbursement activity is easily accessible using epacInfo. Data is updated and available real-time so you can run reports to evaluate your giving activity and share with your team epacInfo is easy to use and available all day, every day.
Corporate Compliance Reporting Services
  • Consulting on state campaign finance laws and contribution requirements
  • Preparing state registration forms
  • Preparing required state reports
  • Providing compliance reviews for pending disbursements
  • Tracking contribution limits on a continual basis
  • Track report criteria and due dates on a continual basis
  • Track changes to state campaign finance laws on a continual basis