The The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires all registered PACs to file FEC reports on a schedule. PASS’ team of experienced Compliance Managers will prepare your FEC reports and provide the draft report to the PAC Treasurer and other PAC personnel, as requested by the client, for review prior to filing with the FEC.

PASS’ experienced team of Receipt Analysts will receive the files with PAC deductions. Each itemized deduction will be uploaded to the contributor’s record in

PASS’ Receipts are reviewed for compliance with giving limits and to ensure the proper transfer of funds between the connected organization and the PAC account.

PASS’ compliance team will review all PAC disbursements to ensure compliance with giving limits and proper election designation.

Prior to report preparation, your PASS Compliance Manager will reconcile the PAC bank account to ensure that all funds are properly accounted for and banking data reconciles to the data extracted for the FEC report.

Upon client approval, PASS’ compliance team will electronically file your report prior to the reporting deadline.

Change your PAC Treasurer, change your company name, move offices? The PASS Compliance Team is here to help. PASS will also prepare FEC Statements of Organization, initial and/or amended. All Statements of Organization are sent to the PAC Treasurer for review prior to filing with the FEC.

PASS’ Compliance Team can also prepare and file your Statement of Multicandidate Status with the FEC.


FEC Reporting Services:

  • Prepare and file FEC Statements of Organization
  • Prepare FEC reports filed on a monthly or quarterly schedule
  • Import receipt data necessary for FEC report preparation
  • Compliance review and check writing for candidate/committee contributions
  • Disbursement tracking among affiliated PACs
  • Send required copies of FEC reports to states absent from the FEC waiver list
  • Maintenance of all federal PAC receipt and disbursement data for the period of time required by law
  • Track changes to federal campaign finance laws