The Clerk of the U.S. House and the Secretary of the U.S. Senate require that all lobbyists and their sponsoring organizations prepare and file Lobby Disclosure Reports periodically. These reports must be filed electronically and will not be accepted in a paper format. PASS’ Federal Lobby Reporting services include helping with your lobby reporting requirements by creating an XML file for uploading to your lobby report or we can assemble your entire federal lobby report.

Lobby Reporting Tools:

  • LD-2 – PASS’ LD-2 portal captures your lobbying information and allows multiple lobbyists to add to the report with their own pages. PASS will prepare your reports or you can use the data collected in the lobby portal to prepare and file your own LD-2 reports.
  • LD-203 – PASS’ LD-203 reporting service captures all of your contribution information to produce the necessary XML file for uploading to your LD-203 form. Store all of your PAC and other contributions in one central database and you can produce the contributions file with the click of a button.