Does your organization make contributions to state-level candidates out of the Federal PAC? Or, does your organization have separate state PACs? PASS can help with both. State campaign finance laws present challenges with inconsistent state PAC reporting requirements and filing deadlines. PASS’ compliance team will review the PAC activity for the reporting period to determine whether a repo PASS’ compliance team will review all PAC disbursements to ensure compliance with giving limits and proper election designation.

Do you think you want to start making State and/or Local level contributions and you are not sure about the rules? PASS’ compliance experts will give you all of the registration and state PAC reporting requirements as well as giving limits in each state and/or local jurisdiction. The PASS team will provide you with all of the information you need to make your decision about whether to participate in a given jurisdiction and the PASS team will be there to provide the registration and reporting support you need if you decide to give in any non-Federal jurisdiction.

Prior to preparing your state PAC report, your PASS Compliance Manager will reconcile the PAC bank account to ensure that all funds are properly accounted for and banking data reconciles to the data extracted for the FEC report.

After the PAC Treasurer approves the state PAC report, PASS’ compliance team will electronically file your report prior to the reporting deadline.

Change your PAC Treasurer, change your company name, move offices? The PASS Compliance Team is here to help. PASS will also prepare State Registration Statements, initial and/or amended. All Statements of Organization are sent to the PAC Treasurer for review prior to filing with the FEC.


State Compliance Reporting Services:

  • Consultation on state campaign finance laws and contribution requirements
  • Prepare state PAC registration forms and corporate registration forms
  • Prepare required state PAC reports and corporate contribution reports
  • Compliance review and check writing for candidate/committee contributions
  • Track campaign contribution limits
  • Track state campaign finance report criteria
  • Track state campaign finance report due dates
  • Track changes to state campaign finance laws