PAC fundraising efforts have gone digital and a PAC Enrollment website may be exactly what you’re looking for if you need to recruit prospects, enlist employees, and raise money efficiently and effectively.

PASS builds PAC Enrollment websites to your exact specifications. Whether you want to display PAC, Government Affairs and other political information or you just want to raise PAC funds, a website is the most efficient and effective method to do either. That’s only the first of many advantages that come with moving your fundraising strategy online.


How many thousands of dollars does your PAC spend every year on printing paper enrollment brochures? How much do you spend educating prospects on your PAC’s mission? A PAC website gives you the opportunity to provide all this valuable information – and much more – at a fraction of the annual cost of printed materials.

Websites designed by PASS can look identical to your paper PAC brochure, complete with everything prospects and employees need to know about giving levels, club levels and PAC member benefits. By matching your PAC website to your current PAC materials, PASS will ensure that your PAC brand remains consistent across all mediums.

Don’t fall behind on the shift to online fundraising. PASS can help your efforts to go digital with the following PAC Enrollment website services:

PAC Enrollment Website Features

  • Secure access for employees to enroll in the PAC or view their PAC activity.
  • Secure Single Sign-on access for PAC eligible employees only.

Enrollment Pages

  • PAC Enrollment page designed to match your paper enrollment card.
  • PAC Charity Match Enrollment page with information on the benefits of charity match programs.

Individualized Visitor Resources

  • Calls-to-action
  • PAC Mission Statement
  • Up-to-date features like election information or legislative updates to keep visitors informed
  • Issues/Positions page hosting unique, personalized content to educate employees and members
  • Frequently Asked Questions about your PAC
  • General information about the PAC for visitors not yet ready to enroll but who want to learn more

Easy-to-Use Administrative Functions

  • Electronic file with new enrollments provided to the Payroll department to begin payroll deductions
  • System-generated automatic confirmation/thank you emails to each PAC Match enrollee
  • PAC administrative reporting capability for tracking PAC campaign activity and fundraising results

These are just a few of the many ways a PASS-developed and hosted PAC website can be tailored toward the needs and distinct personality of your PAC.

For more information on PASS’ website services, please visit our Single Sign-on PAC Websites page, which describes how PASS can help your organization bypass traditional user ID and password hurdles that sometimes delay or impede your PAC members and prospects from enrolling.