Tired of getting calls or emails from frustrated PAC members and prospects who can’t remember their password to get into the PAC website? Or, worse yet, are you frustrated over seeing stats for prospects and members who try to login to the PAC website but have trouble they end up leaving the site without signing up? If you answered “yes” to either question then a PASS-hosted PAC website can solve your problems.

PASS provides PACs with secure Single Sign-On (SSO) technology that replaces your traditional, outdated login process of entering a user ID and password. SSO allows for seamless access to your PAC website making it effortless for members and prospects.


The login process using SSO is simple, secure and allows authorized users who are logged into your organization’s intranet to click once to see and use your PAC website. So signing up for the PAC becomes a one-click process and avoids the frustration that comes with having to remember (and forgetting) another password.

Of course, easy website access isn’t the only benefit of SSO technology from PASS. Switching to SSO can save time and money and boost your PAC website’s privacy and security capabilities. For details of what PASS SSO can do, read on:

Advantages of SSO

  • Reduces questions from PAC members by saving users from having to remember multiple passwords.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by enhancing the end user experience during log-ins, making the process as fast, simple and user-friendly as possible.
  • Boosts your PAC’s productivity by implementing simple login processes while accommodating strict password and privacy policies. A Single Sign On login cuts down login time and reduces the chances of a failed login.
  • Improves compliance and security capabilities by requiring users to be logged in to the company intranet so they only have to remember a single strong password rather than several weaker ones. It’s easier to keep one password private and confidential than it is to safeguard many, so your PAC website users will be better able to adhere to your organization’s security policies.

PASS SSO Features

  • PASS offers a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) SSO, which empowers your PAC website sign-on by allowing users to authenticate with an identity provider, giving them access to PAC services without additional authentication delays.
  • PASS makes Identity Federation (the linking of multiple identities) with SAML easy by providing a better-customized user experience at each level while promoting privacy.
  • With PASS SSO, a user authenticates to your PAC’s intranet and then – without needing to provide additional authentication – is able to access a variety of personalized/customized resources on your PAC website.
  • SAML enables web SSO through the communication of an authentication assertion from the first site to the second, allowing users access to your website as if they had authenticated directly rather than transferred from a second site.

For more information on PASS services, including on how we can design an efficient online fundraising platform built to the specifications of your PAC, please visit our Web Design page.