What is the range of PASS’ PAC services?

PASS offers a package of PAC management services customized to each client. The extent of our PAD administrative and compliance services depends completely on the client’s PAC needs and PAC budget.

Does PASS keep track of state and federal campaign finance law changes?

Yes. PASS’ PAC compliance staff research changes to campaign finance law, filing schedule, reporting forms, etc on a monthly basis. Regular contact with state election law agencies helps to ensure that all PAC reports are filed with correct information on the correct forms.

Can PASS prepare and file reports for federal PACs and state PACs?

Yes. Whether you use a federal PAC for federal campaign contributions only or to make campaign contributions in one or many states, PASS has the expertise to ensure accurate PAC report preparation and timely filing of your FEC reports and if you have separate state PACs, PASS can handle state PAC reporting as well.

How will I know my bank balance, PAC contributors, disbursements, etc. if PASS keeps the PAC records?

You will have access to all of your PAC data from any computer with an Internet connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using PASS’ award winning online PAC software tool called ePACInfo.

How long will it take PASS to complete a PAC compliance review and check writing for a contribution?

PASS guarantees a two-business-day turnaround time for PACcheck compliance review and PAC check writing services.

Do I need special software to write my own PAC checks?

You can write checks using our PAC software tool, ePACInfo, or by using your own PAC check writing program. Either way, we ask that you fax a copy of the check after it has been written and signed. That way, we have a complete set of records for your PAC.

Does PASS prepare PAC checks?

Yes. PASS can prepare laser printed PAC checks and deliver them to your office.

Does PASS process PAC contributions via credit card?

Yes. PASS can process credit card, personal check, and payroll deduction PAC contributions.

How does PASS get the PAC information from my organization?

PASS works with designated individuals in your organization to obtain all necessary PAC information.

How does PASS know if the payroll file is correct?

After the PAC receipts have been entered or imported by PASS, our Receipts Analysts audit the payroll to make sure all of the PAC funds are accounted for. If there is a discrepancy, PASS works with you to find and correct the discrepancy.

How do I import my PAC receipts into PASS’ system?

You don’t have to do any importing of PAC receipts. After providing you with file specifications, PASS will receive your secure PAC payroll deduction file via e-mail or SFTP site. A PASS Receipt Analyst will import your PAC receipt information into our system. You will be able to view your PAC receipt information and run PAC recempt management reports using our PAC software tool, ePACInfo, so you always have access to your PAC contributors and their PAC contributions.

Does PASS offer PAC receipt processing or “caging?”

Yes. PASS will receive, log, and process all PAC contributions. PASS will deposit PAC contributions via personal check and credit card. PASS can also provide a file to the payroll department to initialize payroll deductions.

Does PASS keep track of PAC enrollment cards?

Yes. PASS will scan your PAC enrollment cards and keep the PAC enrollment cards on file.

Does PASS prepare income tax forms?

Yes. PASS will prepare 1120-POL and IRS 527 forms.

Does PASS sell PAC software?

No. PASS is a service provider and does not sell PAC software. The PASS staff utilizes a proprietary PAC software product to prepare all necessary campaign finance reports for you. As a PASS client you will also have access to your PAC data using our online PAC tool, ePACInfo.

Does PASS provide grassroots services too?

PASS offers grassroots services such as ZIP code matching, issuing e-mail to employees and members, and faxing to members of Congress. If your grassroots needs go beyond PASS’ current offerings, PASS is able to share data with grassroots vendors to provide seamless PAC and grassroots services.