Expertise PASS Other Outsource Vendors Software
Staffed by former FEC report analysts and experienced PAC managers who undergo a year of intensive training in addition to their FEC or PAC management experience Yes No No
Software was designed in-house by staff experts who actually use the product and continually enhance the system to improve performance Yes No No
Providing PAC administrative and compliance services since 1984 Yes No No
Has over 31 years of PAC administrative and compliance experience Yes No No
Reporting PASS Other Outsource Vendors Software
Guarantees 100% Compliance with FEC and Non-Federal campaign finance reporting Yes Maybe No
Keeps track of report deadlines and prepares and files reports on time every time Yes Maybe No
Offers reporting in all states with electronic reporting where required Yes Maybe Maybe
Warns when election-sensitive reports are triggered Yes Maybe No
Keeps track of all federal and state filing deadlines, requirements, and changes to ensure accurate filing of compliance reports Yes Maybe Maybe
Compiles all necessary information, prepares and forwards reports to the PAC Treasurer for signature, and balances PAC bank account to the FEC and state reports monthly to ensure accounting accuracy Yes Maybe No
Contributions PASS Other Outsource Vendors Software
Stops contributions during legislative sessions where required Yes Maybe No
Knows the most efficient and cost-effective manner in which to make contributions in the states Yes Maybe No
Customer Service PASS Other Outsource Vendors Software
Warns when election-sensitive reports are triggered Yes Maybe No
Provides user-friendly filing instructions with all paper reports Yes No No
Charges annual licensing fees in addition to outsourcing fees No Yes Yes
Ensures that all calls are answered by a “live” staff person and not voicemail during normal business hours Yes No No
Conforms to the client’s way of managing their PAC and doesn’t require the client to conform their procedures or data imports to the vendor’s system Yes No No
Pays the cost of any mistakes resulting in a penalty from federal or state election law agencies Yes No No
Offers on-line access to your PAC data Yes Maybe Yes