Campaign finance compliance and reporting always has been and continues to be our main focus which means you get an established company with over 29 years in the business and over 295 years of combined PAC management and compliance expertise.

PAC Experts

PASS has spent over 28 years studying PAC best practices, procedures, and legal requirements. We retain a focus on PAC administration, fundraising, and compliance while continuing to offer our clients new and innovative approaches to PAC management.

Professional Staff

Our staff is dedicated to working as a part of your team to fully integrate PAC services with internal procedures.

All-inclusive Pricing

PASS pricing is based on the services we will provide. All of the work we do on behalf of your PAC is included in the monthly fee so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your budget. PASS guarantees that we will provide the services listed in our proposal for the price quoted. No surprises.

User-Friendly System

PASS’ online system is easy to use and provides users with access to their PAC data from any computer with Internet access.

Secure Data

PASS’ systems meet the most stringent data security requirements.