Pass’ Annual PAC Management and epacInfo User Conference


PAC Management epacInfo User Conference

PASS hosted clients and members of the PAC community for an annual PAC Management epacInfo User Conference. The 10th annual conference was held in May, 2017 and brought together PAC professionals from all over the country. It is a chance for PASS clients to learn from their industry colleagues and members of the PASS team. Attendees learn how to more effectively use epacInfo and new epacInfo features as well. PASS clients span all industries so the conference allows for networking with a wide variety of PAC professionals to gain knowledge about their PAC programs, do’s and don’t’s, and best practices. Topics covered at the 2017 conference included:

  • Benefits of Combining the Government Affairs and PAC Websites and New Website Features
  • Building Your PAC Brick by Brick
  • Managing Events and Budgets
  • 2016 Elections Update with David Wasserman, The Cook Political Report
  • PAC Match Program Best Practices
  • Incorporating the Elections Into Your 2016 PAC Plan

We hosted just over 70 clients at our event this year and we enjoyed meeting new clients and reconnecting – face-to-face – with old friends. This event gives our clients the chance to learn from each other and the PASS team a chance to learn from our clients. Many enhancements to PASS’ services and our epacInfo software come from client suggestions. PASS values client feedback and we use it to make our services and software stronger. Check out some highlights from our conference and hear what our clients are saying about our services. To learn more about PASS services, visit the Services section of our website or contact us for more information about our services and our epacInfo software.