PAC administration is tedious and time consuming. Do it right and no one notices, do it wrong and you are looking at data errors that cause incorrect compliance filings, or worse, you could be faced with missed reports and fines.

PASS offers a complete PAC outsourcing service with comprehensive PAC data tracking and compliance reporting. PASS’ Compliance Managers give you peace of mind because they handle the day to day administrative tasks, make sure your PAC data is accurate, and keep track of the PAC reporting obligations. Even though the Compliance Experts at PASS are taking care of your PAC administration and compliance, they are a part of your PAC team. Have a question? Give your Compliance Manager a call. Need a check right away? Just let your Compliance Manager know and they will work to put the check in your hand in no time. Can’t find a report in epacInfo, your Compliance Manager will work with you to find a report that gives you the information you need.

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  • Uploading and auditing PAC contributions
  • Auditing credit card contributions and accounting for transaction fees
  • Depositing payroll deduction and personal check contributions
  • Preparing of bank deposits
  • Providing a compliance review for PAC disbursement checks
  • Providing a compliance review for non-PAC disbursement checks
  • Preparing PAC disbursement checks
  • Sending disbursement checks with cover letters
  • Reconciling PAC bank statements
  • Preparing monthly financial statements for the PAC account
  • Storing all receipt and disbursement information in PASS’ software system, epacInfo
  • Building a PAC website to capture PAC enrollments and display PAC information to members
  • Sending thank you letters to PAC members for their contribution
  • Coordinating affiliated PAC activities to make sure no affiliate goes over the limit
  • PAC Compliance audits

Even though PASS is handling the PAC administration you never lose track of your PAC activity. All PAC data is stored in epacInfo, PASS’ proprietary political action committee software, which gives you 24/7 access to your PAC information.

PASS offers PAC Management Tools to help you keep track of your data and report to the PAC Board, your boss, and anyone else needing information.

Trying to get a handle on your PAC data? Do you find yourself manually manipulating a spreadsheet to try to get a PAC management report to your boss or a PAC Board member in a hurry? If you keep and edit spreadsheets to report on your PAC activity there is no need to waste your valuable time.

PASS’ on-line PAC reporting function delivers the PAC reporting information you need and offers download options to present your data in an easy to read format .pdf format or an easy to manipulate .xls format. And, with over 400 PAC management reports available using epacInfo you are sure to find reports to help you detail your PAC activity in the format you prefer. PAC data is updated in real time so you will always have the most up-to-date PAC information and reports are available at your fingertips with a mouse-click or two.


  • Disbursements to Candidates and Committees
  • Disbursements by party, election, chamber and more
  • PAC Member Contributions
  • Contributions by department/division/state/work location
  • New enrollments
  • Budget Reports

These are just a few of the PAC reports currently available on PASS’ epacInfo. Use this powerful PAC reporting tool to more effectively and efficiently manage your PAC.

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Add an entire team to help administer your PAC.