The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires all registered PACs to file FEC reports on a set schedule. The FEC provides all registered PACs with free electronic filing software and you can use the FEC software to prepare and file your own reports. Sounds simple and free. The software may be free but the time needed to enter data into the software is definitely not free. Add to the cost of preparing the report, the time it will take you to research questions about what you should be reporting and how to make sure all of the data that must be reported is in the software. In short, nothing in life is free.

Ditch the FEC software or any software for that matter and hire a team of PAC professionals to prepare and file your FEC reports. PASS’ team of experienced Compliance Managers will enter all of the necessary PAC data, prepare your FEC report, provide a draft report to the PAC Treasurer for review, and electronically file the report accurately and on time with the FEC.

The difference between hiring a team of PAC professionals, purchasing PAC software or using free PAC software is that the team of professionals will do the work for you from keeping track of every dollar going into the PAC, every dollar going out of the PAC and making sure all transactions are compliant and are reporting to the FEC.

The process begins with tracking all funds going into the PAC account. PASS’ experienced team of Receipt Analysts receive and upload the files with PAC contributions. Each itemized deduction will be uploaded to the contributor’s record in PASS’ proprietary software, epacInfo. Receipts are reviewed for compliance with giving limits and our Receipt Analysts ensure the proper transfer of funds between the connected organization and the PAC account.

Your PASS Compliance Manager oversees all facets of PAC compliance and will review the PAC bank account to make sure all PAC receipts have been properly deposited. Your Compliance Manager also reviews all PAC disbursements to ensure compliance with giving limits and proper election designation.

Each month your Compliance Manager reconciles the PAC bank account and according to the schedule selected by the PAC Treasurer, will prepare the FEC report. The completed report is sent to the PAC Treasurer for review and approval prior to being electronically filed with the FEC. No need to keep track of report due dates, your Compliance Manager is on it. Never worry about entering data or trying to find time to prepare and file your FEC report. The PASS Compliance Team has it covered.

Change your PAC Treasurer, change your company name, merge with another company, move offices? No worries, the PASS Compliance Team will prepare your FEC Statement of Organization. All Statements of Organization, like PAC reports, are sent to the PAC Treasurer for review and approval prior to electronically filing with the FEC.

Have a new PAC and finally met all of the requirements for multicandidate status? PASS’ Compliance Team can also prepare and electronically file your Statement of Multicandidate Status.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) Compliance Reporting Services


  • Prepare and file FEC Statements of Organization
  • Prepare FEC reports filed on all schedules
  • Import receipt data necessary for FEC report preparation
  • Compliance review and check writing for candidate committee contributions
  • Track disbursements for affiliated PACs
  • Maintain all historical receipt and disbursement data as required by federal election law
  • Track changes to federal campaign finance laws

Hire a team of PAC professionals to prepare your FEC reports.  Contact us to get started.