And when you do decide how to thank them, how will you administer the incentive program? There are a myriad of PAC incentive programs from giving small trinkets to organizing events with interesting and sought-after speakers to matching a contribution to a charity of the employees’ choosing. No matter the incentives you offer, distributing those incentives relies on knowing your PAC members, keeping track of their membership club levels, and keeping track of the items they select.

Incentive programs are designed to reward those individuals who give to your PAC program and understand the PAC’s mission. Forget to thank someone or give them the wrong incentive club gift and you could alienate your most loyal members. You need an efficient way to track your incentive club members. You also need accurate data that is easy to access and filter to make sure the correct individuals receive the correct incentives.

Depending on the size of your PAC, you could keep this data in a simple spreadsheet or you may need a trusted partner to help with your incentive program.

Does your PAC give out trinkets to show appreciation to your members? Perhaps you need assistance selecting a gift. If so, the PASS team can help. Have you already selected a gift and just need help sending them to your PAC members? The PASS team will act as the fulfillment center for PAC gifts and send them out to all of the eligible members.

Another popular PAC incentive program is PAC Match where the sponsoring organization matches the PAC donation with a donation to a charity selected by the employee. Administering a PAC match program includes making sure every charity has a current 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. You also need to keep track of the charities selected by each employee and be able to determine the charitable contribution amount. Add to that any criteria your organization might require in order for a charity to qualify to receive a contribution and you have another full time job!

Perhaps you have arranged for a speaker to come in and talk with your PAC members? Collect your RSVPs through PASS’ Invitation Module.

No matter the type of PAC incentive program you offer, the PAC experts at PASS understand what is involved in administering incentive programs and we work with you to make sure your PAC members receive the highest level of customer service.

One key element of effectively managing your incentive program is a mechanism to track and retain your data. PASS’ software, epacInfo, makes it easy to track incentive clubs, PAC event RSVPs, and PAC match charity selections. The data is stored with each PAC member’s record and is easily extracted using one of a number of available management reports. Data is available in real-time whenever you need it. You can extract the information directly from our system or you can work with the PASS team to administer the incentive program. You can do as much or as little of the work required. The service is completely customized to your needs.

Administering PAC incentive programs is a time-consuming task and if you need help managing your program or programs, PASS has services that can help.

Smartphone apps are a new frontier for campaign finance law compliance.


  • Charity Match Administration
  • PAC Member Gift Selection and Distribution
  • Club Level Incentive Gift Selection and Distribution
  • Airline Mile Match Administration
  • PAC Event RSVPs

PASS’ is your one-stop-shop for all things PAC related. PAC management and administrative skills make us uniquely qualified to administer PAC incentive programs including charity match administration, PAC member gift selection and distribution, PAC club level incentive gift selection and distribution, and PAC airline mile match administration. You get the benefit of offering PAC programs your PAC members will love without having to spend all of your time administering these PAC incentive programs.

Offer a personalized thank you and incentives to your PAC members.