When it comes to making a campaign contribution, there are as many rules as there are candidates running for office and you need to know which ones apply to the contribution you are making. Are you giving to a specific candidate running for federal office, a Joint Fundraising Committee, a Political Party committee, National Party Committee or another PAC? Well then, you may want to read the Federal Election Commission Campaign Guide to figure out who can get what because they all have separate contribution limits.

Looking to give to a candidate running for State-wide office? Well then, get a guide for every state and give those a read to figure out the contribution limits based on the office being sought. In addition the state you are trying to contribute in could have legislative black-out periods which restrict when you can and cannot make contributions in that state. Now, should you give out of your PAC or can your Company, Association, or Labor Union make contributions out of Treasury funds directly to candidates? The answer is: it depends on the state and, in some cases, the entity making the contribution.

Is your organization considered a regulated entity? Not sure, then hold off on making that campaign contribution until you know. How about those government contracts – does your organization have any of those? Know before you contribute because the cost of violating pay to play rules can cost you a considerable sum between fines and lost contracts.

Campaign contributions are increasingly scrutinized as political opponents look for any way to exploit their campaign rival and that rival’s supporters. You do not want your organization’s name associated with campaign contributions that are not compliant with the law.

Enter PASS and our Disbursement Review service. The compliance experts at PASS will review your intended political contributions before you write the check.

PASS’ team of federal and state campaign finance specialists will review your contributions to determine if the intended contribution, in combination with other contributions, will exceed the federal or state limit.

The PASS Compliance Team will review your registration statements to make sure your organization or PAC is registered in the jurisdiction in which you are making the contribution. We will also review the contributing entity to ensure contributions from that entity type are allowed in the intended recipient’s jurisdiction.

Your PASS Compliance Manager will review the contribution to determine if a legislative black-out period is in effect which would require the candidate to return the contribution.

Organizations invest in compliance for a myriad of reasons: employee safety, human resources, securities, tax, accounting, and IT just to name a few. Campaign finance compliance is equally as important and should be given the same attention as other areas in your organization. The experts at PASS can offer customized services where we work within your organizations procedures, not the other way around. Our team gets to know your team and your organization’s structure which is important when you are making political contributions.

At PASS, we guarantee we will keep your organization compliant with campaign finance compliance laws. Whether you are giving to Federal candidates or State and Local candidates or both, our team will work with you and your team to make sure your organization meets all of the requirements for making a contribution before the check is cut.


  • Consulting Services for contributing PAC funds to Federal, State and Local candidates and committees
  • Consulting Services for contributing Treasury Dollars to Non-Federal candidates and committees
  • A Compliance Review for all contributions to Federal, State, and Local candidates and committees to make sure the contribution is 100% compliant
  • Check writing services for all contributions.
  • Report Schedule Tracking for Triggered and Required Compliance Reports based on your Federal, State, and Local contributions to candidates and committees