PAC members want to hear from you more than just once a year when you ask them for money. They jointed the PAC to be engaged in the political process. PAC members are politically interested and aware. They want to hear from you. They want access to information about political events, legislation, legislators, PAC member benefits and more.

Successful PACs engage their members throughout the year and not just during a PAC fundraising campaign. With PASS’ suite of member engagement tools, you can reach your members quickly and cost-effectively. A PAC website can store all of your PAC communications and a quick email to members can send them to the website to see legislative updates, pictures of PAC events, the PAC newsletter, trivia contests, how the PAC funds were spent, and information about their Member of Congress. A PAC website is a cost-effective way to keep the lines of communication open with your PAC members. You can also include an avenue for them to provide feedback on the PAC.

PASS offers PAC website services and we will build a custom website including your organization’s branding guidelines containing PAC information including how to enroll in the PAC. The PAC website can be accessed by PAC eligible employees only.


Do you know where your grassroots assets live and who represents them? Wouldn’t it be nice to visit a Member of Congress and be able to tell them how many employees you have living in their district? You can match employee addresses to legislative districts and get a complete picture of where you have political assets. Match suppliers and dealers too. Place the information on a map of the U.S. or break it down by individual districts and use as part of your organization’s “fact sheets.”

PASS zip code matching tools to match employees or members to their federal and state legislators to organize your political assets and communicate with your PAC members and employees to engage them politically.

PASS offers zip-code to legislative district matching for federal and state legislators. Provide your PAC members with information about their elected officials or offer this information as a benefit to all employees and members. PASS will match your existing PAC database or simply provide PASS with a file of all of your employees or members and our IT professionals will match your database to their federal and state legislators.

Employees and members can access information via a PASS designed website or legislative information can be sent out in a personalized email.

This is an excellent, cost-effective tool for engaging employees and members in the political process.

E-mail Popup Warning Window Concept


  • ZIP code to legislative district matching of employees / members to federal legislators and state legislators
  • E-mail alerts to employees requesting they write a letter or make a phone call
  • E-mail alerts to employees with information about pending legislation or pertinent issues
  • Management reports showing legislative footprint
  • Interactive maps showing legislators and district information


Who better to write their legislator about an issue than a PAC member? Your PAC members want to be involved and want to make a difference. That’s why they joined. Ask for their help when dealing with an issue where constituent participation is important. Send an email to your members providing them with their legislator contact information and ask them to send an email or make a phone call. You can even include sample letter text.

No need to limit communications to just PAC members. Communicate with your PAC members, PAC eligibles, all employees, and / or all members with just one email. PASS’ epacMailer will allow you to send personalized emails to a custom distribution list.

business man sending mail to various destination by pushing letter sign on touch screen


  • Create emails to an entire distribution list as simply as creating a single email
  • Create emails with up to 24 unique merge fields to customize each email
  • Mask the sender’s email address to send from the CEO or PAC Chair
  • Create a custom distribution list for each email to target your mailings
  • Include SmartLink technology in emails to offer secure, direct access to the PAC website

Who better to talk to their elected officials than your PAC members.