If you have a political action committee (PAC) then regular compliance reporting is part of your job. Whether you have a federal PAC and only file with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) or you have state PACs and file with a number of state compliance reporting agencies, you know that keeping track of campaign finance reporting obligations is a headache. Compliance reports always seem to be due when you have a thousand other things to do or when you are out of town and cannot remember your password to get into your PAC filing software. Add to that the complexity of campaign finance reporting – pre-primary reports, 24-hour reports, reports triggered by contribution activity – and you need help keeping track of reporting requirements and deadlines.

The FEC and states offer “free” reporting software, but utilizing their software means you are entering your receipt and disbursement information in multiple places. The data entry associated with PAC transactions alone can amount to a full time job.

PASS’ team of seasoned campaign finance professionals and our proprietary filing software can make the process of compliance reporting so much easier and can make sure you never miss a report or find yourself rushing to prepare and file your compliance report just before the deadline. Our Compliance Managers track your reporting obligations and prepare your FEC reports and any State compliance reports. Instead of entering data and rushing to put together your own reports, consider adding the PASS team to your PAC team and allowing the compliance experts at PASS to do the work for you. You receive a completed report to file in advance of the due date and your PASS Compliance Manager will electronically file the report for you so you never have to worry about a software malfunction or data entry issues delaying your campaign finance report filing.

PASS’ proprietary PAC software, epacInfo, is approved by the FEC and all states that allow electronic filing. epacInfo is not just a filing software, it is a comprehensive tool that stores all of your PAC transactions and can be used to file campaign finance reports and data can be extracted to analyze all of your PAC fundraising and spending activity.

PASS’ PAC reporting services take the worry out of PAC compliance reporting because a PASS Compliance Manager reviews PAC activity to determine which PAC reports must be filed. Your Compliance Manager uses PASS’ proprietary epac Report Schedule Manager (RSM) to keep track of both required and triggered PAC reports so you are never taken by surprise that a report is due or, worse, miss a report.

PAC Administrative Services for Reporting and Analysis


  • Tracking all FEC and State campaign finance reports using epacRSM
  • Providing a monthly schedule of all FEC and State campaign finance reports
  • Preparation and electronic filing of new or amended FEC Statements of Organization
  • Preparation and electronic filing of Notification of Multicandidate Status
  • Preparation and electronic filing of new State PAC required Registration Statements
  • Preparation and electronic filing of all FEC reports
  • Preparation and electronic filing of all State PAC reports
  • Maintenance of all Federal and State PAC receipt and disbursement data
  • Tracking changes to Federal and State campaign finance laws

Whether your PAC is giving to Federal candidates only or registered in many states, PASS will take the burden of tracking, preparing, and filing campaign finance reports from you and heap it on our team of PAC compliance experts. Your PASS Compliance Manager will track all of your PAC activity and use that information to prepare all of your PAC compliance reports. All reports are sent to you for review and comment before being filed. The PASS Compliance Team is a part of your team and we work with you to make sure your PAC stays 100% compliant.

Our team of seasoned campaign finance professionals will help with your compliance reporting.