Looking for an efficient and effective way to raise PAC money? PASS website design services may be just the tool you need. PASS’ PAC enrollment websites are built to your specifications. A PAC website is a very efficient and effective way to get the word out about the PAC, provide PAC members with PAC information and Government Affairs activities, hold a PAC contest, post PAC photos, and more. A PAC website will not only help you raise more money for your PAC but it is a valuable communications tool for getting information to your PAC members.

Hand with marker writing. Web Design and Development concept.


  • Secure access for PAC enrollment.
  • Secure single-sign-on (SSO) access for PAC eligible employees

Examples of PAC website pages include:

  • PAC Enrollment page with your PAC giving levels
  • PAC Enrollment page with your PAC club levels
  • PAC Match enrollment page
  • Annual PAC report with candidate contributions
  • PAC mission statement
  • Frequently asked questions about the PAC
  • Employee current PAC contribution
  • Employee current PAC Match charity
  • PAC events page with photos
  • Legislative issues page
  • Zip code matching to the employee’s legislators
  • Election information
  • Get Out the Vote information
  • Interactive Maps
  • Write your legislator

Electronic file with new PAC enrollments provided to the Payroll department to begin PAC payroll deductions. System generated automatic confirmation/thank you emails to each individual who becomes a PAC member. Administrative reporting capability for tracking PAC campaign activity and results.