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Illinois politicians come under campaign finance spotlight

Illinois politics have long had a reputation as a kind of cigar-smoke-filled old boys club of yesteryear. But the notion that the state is permissive about the big issues of today - namely campaign finance - would seem to be incorrect. Recently, two major Illinois politicians - a congressman and a state auditor general -have… Details

Campaign finance reform comes to Washington and South Dakota

Two new fronts have opened in the focus on campaign finance reform. In South Dakota and Washington state, activists are on the cusp of securing ballot positions for omnibus reforms to each state's campaign finance, ethics and lobbying laws. This is just the latest development in a years-long trend of tightening election law compliance standards. Thanks to… Details

Virginia Gov. McAuliffe investigated over campaign contributions

It has been a rough couple of years for Virginia governors. In 2014, Gov. Bob McDonnell was found guilty on corruption charges in a case that has since found its way to the Supreme Court. Now Terry McAuliffe, the state's sitting governor, is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation… Details
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