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Financial disclosure problems and their software solutions

As one after another primary date passes, it seems that the proximity of the nation's biggest political contest is awakening lawmakers and citizens alike to the topic of campaign finance. Since this election cycle started, politicians and political action committees have drawn more scrutiny and fire than seemingly ever before.Put under such a microscope, it… Details

What Wal-Mart’s PAC match case means for fundraising

A trend in political action committee (PAC) fundraising is using a charity match program as an incentive for employees to contribute to the PAC. The idea is simple: for every $1 an employee gives to the company's PAC, the company makes a donation to a charity of the employee's choosing. Though PAC match programs have been in… Details

The haphazard state of campaign finance in New Mexico

Nationwide, the state of campaign finance laws appears to be in constant flux. The unpredictability of lawmakers and the influence of public opinion may perhaps be most obvious in New Mexico, where the sentencing of a top official for abusing campaign funds has initiated a series of violations and reprisals. The arrest of a public servant… Details
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Compare Our Services

Launch, Grow & Comply

Launch, Grow & Comply

Industry Leading Compliance

Industry Leading Compliance

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Award Winning Software

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PAC-Matching-ServicesCharity Match Administration

PASS can take the administrative burden out of your PAC match program by providing complete charity match administration.

PAC-website-design-2Website Development

Looking for an efficient and effective way to raise money for your PAC campaign? At PASS we can quickly design, launch, and host your PAC website.

PAC-Compliance-ServicesCompliance Expertise

PASS provides complete campaign finance compliance reporting including tracking PAC filing requirements and preparing PAC reports for you.

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PASS is the premier provider of campaign finance compliance services and has been keeping PACs on track and compliant since 1984. PASS administers both large and small PACs, new and established PACs, and political giving programs. PASS’ offers a unique mix of compliance experience and technical expertise creating a service provider you can rely on to make sure your PAC is100% compliant and provide you with the most user-friendly and dynamic PAC tools available.

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