PAC Member Engagement

PASS’ PAC engagement tools allow seamless communication along with engagement analytics.


Ease of Communication

Website Development and Hosting

PASS-hosted sites are smart, responsive, and custom to your PAC.

Single Sign On for PAC Eligibles

Site access via SSO allows eligible to access the site with one click.

epacInfo® PAC Management Reports

Analyze your programs and individual engagement programs using a comprehensive series of management reports.

Member and Prospect Communication

Communicate with your members using epacMailer® and pull data sets directly from epacInfo®.

Incentive Program Enrollment and Tracking

PAC members can sign up for PAC match or PAC gifts on your PASS-hosted site.

GOTV Activity Center

Offer PAC members and eligibles access to GOTV pages with elections information to help with voter registration and candidate information.

“I give PASS an A-plus. Our treasurer was overwhelmed with all the paperwork. They were very good at helping us streamline our processes and lowering the amount of reporting.”


Corporate PAC Manager

“Like many companies we don’t have a dedicated resource to the PAC. There is no way we can duplicate the expertise that PASS has accumulated over the years.”


Engineering Firm Government Affairs Director

“When it comes to having the attention to detail and the commitment to compliance, PASS is number one.”


Financial Services Business Support Executive