Charity Match

PASS’ charity match professionals will help you build and maintain a PAC match program (all you have to do is get approval to start one).


Experience and Know-how

PAC Match Program Administration

PASS’ team of charity match professionals will administer your entire program.

Custodial Account Management

PASS will maintain a custodial account and will write your PAC match checks.

Member Communications

PASS will communicate the program to your eligible employees and communicate with members prior to writing charity checks.

Charity Database

PASS’ epacCharityMatch Manager® holds a database with over one million charities your employees can choose from. We can also create a custom list.

Charity Vetting

PASS’ team of experts will vet all employee selections to make sure they are 501c3 organizations with a current charitable status.

Tailored Program Management

Like all PACs, all PAC match programs are different. PASS’ team and software can accommodate any size and program parameters.

“I give PASS an A-plus. Our treasurer was overwhelmed with all the paperwork. They were very good at helping us streamline our processes and lowering the amount of reporting.”


Corporate PAC Manager

“Like many companies we don’t have a dedicated resource to the PAC. There is no way we can duplicate the expertise that PASS has accumulated over the years.”


Engineering Firm Government Affairs Director

“When it comes to having the attention to detail and the commitment to compliance, PASS is number one.”


Financial Services Business Support Executive