PASS provides FEC reporting and state campaign finance compliance reporting including tracking filing obligations and reporting requirements as well as preparing and filing reports for you. If you do not have a good handle on the campaign finance reports your PAC is required to file, the filing dates, and filing requirements, PASS’ PAC reporting services are the solution. You never have to worry about missing a campaign finance report due date again. PASS will prepare all of your campaign finance reports for your review. Then, we file them for you using our proprietary campaign finance software. No missed campaign finance report deadlines. No Failure to File notices from the Federal Election Commission or State Election Commissions. PASS Offers:
  • A dedicated campaign finance Compliance Manager
  • Federal PAC Reporting
  • State PAC Reporting
  • Corporate Campaign Finance Reporting
  • Day-to-day PAC Administrative Services
  • Secure On-line Access to PAC Data
  • Peace of Mind

No missed deadlines. No Failure to File notices.