3 PAC Website Features You Don’t Want to Miss

Choosing what to display on your PAC website can be a daunting task! Of course you want the site to be user friendly, and you want the enrollment process to be straightforward, but what about site content? One of the questions we are asked frequently during the website development process is “What do your other clients do?” Here are the top 3 website features you don’t want to miss!


A question most PAC donors have is, where is my money going? I always recommend adding a disbursement map to your PAC website. Our disbursement map breaks down all disbursements by election cycle or a specific date range. Then your PAC members can click on the states to view where their PAC dollars went. If your PAC is looking for a way to be transparent with their PAC spending, you need this for your PAC site!


If you are looking for a way to boost your PAC  participation,

Charity Match is the way to go!


Your employees can enroll in the PAC and be directed to the Charity Match page to select their charity. If you choose PASS to facilitate your Charity Match program, we handle everything for you, you just have to get approval to start the program!


Finally, I would recommend including personalized calls to action! If someone hasn’t given before, ask them to join, and if they are a current member, prompt them to view their giving history or make a change to their enrollment. You can also do specific calls to action based on each employees suggested giving level. Having personalized calls to action gives you more options when planning your PAC solicitation.


Interested in adding one or all of these features to your PAC site? Let us know. Don’t have a PAC site? It’s not too late to get started! Schedule a demo to see our PAC services.