4 Keys to PAC Fundraising Success

Raising money for a Political Action Committee (PAC) is never easy, but there are 4-key pieces to any effective campaign.


1. PAC Website – A branded PAC website is essential to any fundraising campaign. With a workforce that is spread out and not always on-site, you need a way to reach them and deliver your message. Websites can also be tailored to offer giving guidelines based on the role the individual visiting the site holds in the company.


2. Communication – A PAC Campaign should not be the only time you talk to your employees. Frequent and effective communication is needed for a successful fundraising campaign AND a successful PAC. You must communicate often throughout your entire campaign, and not just about donating. Give people a reason to go to the website and help them to see the value of the PAC through the resources and information you offer.


3. PAC Champions – Personal communication is the number one way to get people to contribute. A network of PAC Coordinators who reach out to your employees and talk to them personally about the PAC is an extremely effective way to gain new members. Ask your Champions to talk about their experience as a member of the PAC and what compelled them to become a member. Choose Champions who are well-liked by their peers and known for getting things done,


4. Data – Do you have the data you need to micro-target potential PAC members? As a PASS client, you can access your data using our PAC software, epacInfo®, produce lists of potential members and real-time campaign results.


Using these four keys, and our epacInfo® software, your fundraising campaign will be a success and so will you.


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