Charity Match Manager

Carlyn Woodward

Why PASS? Much like many of my colleagues, I was drawn  to PASS by its team-player atmosphere and work place culture. I was searching for a company that would match my enthusiasm and desire to find a place to dedicate my career to; a company that takes care of its employees as well as it does its clients.

My Background? After graduating from JMU with a B.A. in History, I worked with the USMC History Division at Quantico and found my passion in Donor and Client Services, which has thankfully led me to PASS!

About Me? Born and raised outside of Richmond, VA I’m grateful that I’m able to see family on a regular basis. I enjoy spending time on the water, reading, cross stitch and embroidery (often accompanied by an episode or two of The Office), volunteering, and going to baseball games. I have two dogs, and will continue collecting house plants until I have room for a third!