Compliance Manager

Jose Cajayon

Why PASS? I joined PASS because it is the oldest and the most-reliable PAC outsourcing vendor in the industry.

My Background Jose has worked in two major law firms for a total of 18 years, most recently as a Political Reports Analyst, assisting clients with campaign finance and lobbying compliance in the federal, state, and local levels. Additionally, Jose served as Compliance Specialist and PAC Secretary for UST Inc. and has held various accounting positions while working in law firms.

About Me B.S. Architecture, University of Santo Tomas.  Jose is originally from the Philippines. Jose has been with PASS since 2009.

  • Conduct a compliance review for PAC disbursement checks to ensure compliance
  • Conduct a compliance review for non-PAC disbursement checks
  • Conduct a compliance review for corporate campaign contributions
  • Consult with the PAC on state requirements for making non-federal disbursements
  • Prepare PAC disbursement checks and send as directed
  • Prepare cover letters to go with each disbursement check
  • Reconcile the PAC bank account on a monthly basis
  • Prepare monthly financial reports for the PAC bank account
  • Keep track of all of your compliance report filing requirements
  • Provide you with a monthly schedule of all compliance reports due
  • Prepare the FEC report according to the filing schedule you selected
  • Prepare and file state and local compliance reports
  • Respond to inquiries from campaign finance agencies
  • Prepare thank you letters to PAC members
  • Train new personnel assigned to assist with PAC activities
  • Coordinate affiliated PAC activities