Your Company Approved Your Idea For A PAC Match Program! Now What?

Getting approval to start a PAC Match program is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You reached out to your PAC peers and consulted with your in-house team to figure out the best practices for structuring your program, and find you still need that one resource to provide the big picture, expertise, and industry best practices. The Charity Match team at PASS has a broad scale knowledge of industry best practices built on our 15+ years of providing PAC match services. The Team created a PAC match starter kit to assist PAC managers with starting new programs.

The PAC match starter kit contains everything you need to get your program off the ground including a team of Charity Match professionals with a dedicated Charity Match Manager, a Project Manager, and a team of dedicated IT professionals. PASS’ Charity Match Starter Kit is an invaluable tool containing a wide range of useful information including:

  • Websites: Access a variety of website templates that you can mix and match to meet your needs, such as Frequently Asked Questions, Top Charities, Program Qualifications, and more.
  • Communications: Clear and effective communication with donors is key, and our starter kit has templates for emails to donors, cover letters to charities, and how to easily introduce new program rollouts.
  • Program Parameters: PASS knows which program parameters stand the test of time, backed by years of proven success and employee satisfaction. This is arguably the most customizable aspect of any Charity Match Program, and with this key piece of our starter kit, you’ll be able to browse our most commonly used program features. Topics range from payout frequencies and best invoicing practices, employee participation qualifications, to charity selection limitations and more.

PASS’ Charity Match Starter Kit is an invaluable tool containing a wide range of useful information.

At PASS, we take pride in affording clients full flexibility across the board by providing educational and best practices resources from the start. Our Charity Match team works with you to meet your company’s needs, no matter how unique, throughout your tenure as a client.